You've been tracked online for years. Ready to see how?

Nobody should know more about your personality, social life, mood and activity than you. Especially not Facebook.

Your quick start guide
Get to know Ethi
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See what you'll be able to do with Ethi

We're working on an introductory video to give you a full spin-through of the platform. For now we've built this tutorial!

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With these tutorials you can easily Download your data, upload it to the platform, and get the most out of it straight away.

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Download your Facebook data
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· About 5 min
Make sure to request your data in the right format

Make sure you request the data in the right format:

  1. Select JSON

    select JSON
  2. Untick Photos and Videos from the list of data

    untick photos
  3. Click "Create File"

It may take a while (between 20mins and 1 hour) for the data to be ready, especially if the file is large. Facebook will notify you when the file is ready.

Go to your Facebook privacy settings

Before you start: make sure you download it in the right format!
Go to Download Your Information within your Facebook Settings (Log in if you need to).

You should see:


Facebook settings

Download the data file

Once Facebook gives you the notification that your download is ready, click on the notification, and you can download your .zip file.

The file size can be anywhere from 20 megabytes to several gigabytes, depending on how much data you have!

Upload your data to Ethi
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· About 5 min
Unzip the folder with your data
Once you click Select, select the folder that contains your data.
Explore your files and deselect any you want

Take a look through any files you like, and you should see why it's hard to understand all this data without any tools!

In case there's anything you don't want to upload, you can deselect anything you like.

Upload your files

You can upload your file below!

1. Select your unzipped data (How to download). | 2. Wait for processing to finish. | 3. Upload your data!

We identify your data as Facebook or Google data after you select it.

0/0 selected, 0 ready

Preview Area

Click files on the left to preview their contents here!

You'll need to select some files and agree to both checkboxes to upload.

Explore! Discover what we've uncovered from your data
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· About 15 min

Click on each step to see the Hub for that category, and then explore each of the pages previewed! We recommend exploring them in order because there's some heavy data processing happening behind the scenes to prepare some of the later visualisations.

Find out how Facebook targets you with ads


Click into each of these pages to explore a full-page visualisation and analysis of each part your data!

Your data is collected for a reason - to target you. By collecting details about your life, they put together a profile with which they decide what you see, and what ads you're most likely to click.

The devices you use, how often you use them and the places you go all provide clues into income, work habits, education levels, and even loneliness.

Graph preview
Facebook predicts your interests to target you better with ads. This makes them more money by encouraging you to buy more products.
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Ads you clicked
Graph preview
Facebook targets you with ads constantly. Their real product isn't the app you use, it's your attention, to manipulate your behaviour for advertisers.
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Shopping Preferences
Graph preview
Is your consumption more influenced by social media or family? Companies can find the answer in your messages.
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Activity Preferences
Graph preview
Personality analysis goes beyond your traits, it can predict what movies you like, whether you go to concerts and more!
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